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Tuesday, 27 January 2009



The development of the internet caused the formation of an usual new world to be acknowledged as the world of maya (dunia maya). On this world, each individual had the right and the capacity to interact with the other individual without the limitation anything that could obstruct him. So as the perfect globalisation in fact went in the

world of maya that connected all the digital community. Many influences that were caused from the development of internet, to begin from the aspect of education, economics, social, the culture et cetera as well as this influence also did not know the age, from children, the adolescent, to the adult.

The influence that emerged from the internet really big, the positive and negative influence could be felt by us. Here I will only discuss the positive influence of the internet from various aspects of the life.
From the education’s aspect, internet could be made means studied in an online manner, this meant us could learn to go through the internet media without the existence of contact directly.
In the certain economic aspect the internet had the very important role, especially for the business circle. They only were not able to sell merchandise to the traditional market or obviously but with the existence of their internet could sell merchandise through the online shop with the media website as his transaction means. That meant the proceeding also economic activity in the world of maya.
In the socials aspect the internet played a role as the communications equipment between its user. We could use IRC facilities or the instance message that was provided by server to establish communication. Like be proper for in the real life, here we also could communicate with the group and the community that had the background or the same aim, through the forum that was provided server definitely.
The influence of the internet on the aspect of the culture in part was the method of getting information, and the news. With the existence of the internet of the insider's habit looked for information experienced the change, from that originally read the newspaper, or saw television now the person more tended to look for information through the internet, because apart from more was easy, complete and cheap, the search for information and the news used the internet was far more effective and efficient. Because without the existence of the time limitation and the place.
Discussions on just a few about the influence of the internet on the life, and still many others the other influence, including the influence of the negative that was caused the internet. But here I only restricted discussions concerning the positive influence of the internet. So we must be careful in using the internet because apart from could give internet enlightenment also could lead astray, this that must be avoided by us.

The existence of the internet could not have been ignored by us. This could be proven by us with the number of internet kiosks in and around us. Anywhere we were the internet increasingly close to us. Many influences that were caused the internet, from the influence that was positive to the influence of the negative. So we must be able to use the internet in accordance with the requirement. Because the internet also included all the aspect sorts of the life as in the case of the life obviously. So before using the internet better be appointed by us previously the aim and the matter what will be looked for by us, lest we were wrong in using the internet. So many few comments concerning the positive influence of the internet in the life, it is hoped beneficial. And apologised if having the lack in my article this time. Thank you.


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